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For all your FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) ocean freight needs, rely on 7C’s exceptional worldwide ocean freight forwarding services. Our ocean freight experts will advise on optimal transit times, carriers, and consolidation strategies to meet your deadline and budget needs. With an expansive network of ocean carrier contracts, we provide access to space when you need it at competitive rates. Our teams handle everything from booking, documentation, customs clearance, tracking your ocean freight from origin to destination port. With online shipment visibility, get up-to-date status of your ocean freight 24/7. From providing containers and arranging drayage to pier delivery and unlading, we oversee your ocean freight door to door. Trust 7C for responsive, seamless ocean freight forwarding across the globe.

Ocean Freight Forwarding Process

  1. Evaluate freight needs – Our ocean freight experts analyze shipment details, timeline, and customs requirements. We provide guidance on optimal ocean routing, transit times, and consolidation strategies.
  2. Obtain quotes – We leverage our network of contracts with top ocean carriers worldwide to secure competitive rates and space.
  3. Book shipment – Our team books the ocean freight routing, transit time, and carrier on your behalf based on your requirements.
  4. Prepare documentation – We ensure all commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and other required paperwork are prepared accurately and completely.
  5. Coordinate export procedures – We oversee any required export licensing, screening, customs clearance from origin, and port delivery.
  6. Manage ocean transit – Throughout ocean transit, we monitor the status of your freight, providing updates and immediately addressing any issues.
  7. Clear import customs – Upon arrival at destination port, we facilitate customs entry, clearance, and collection of your ocean freight.
  8. Final delivery – Once cleared, we arrange drayage and final delivery to the provided consignee address.
  9. Provide shipment reports – After delivery, we supply a full shipment report detailing the freight forwarding process from end-to-end.

Experience seamless global shipping solutions with our expertise as an international freight forwarder.


  • Commercial Invoice – Provides shipment details like buyer/seller, product description, values, incoterms, etc. Required globally.
  • Packing List – Identifies quantity, weight, dimensions, package count, and cargo contents. Critical for customs.
  • Bill of Lading – Contract between shipper and ocean carrier outlining terms. Serves as title document and proof of cargo receipt.
  • Certificate of Origin – Declares where goods are manufactured/produced. Needed for customs, duties, and import restrictions.
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction – Provides guidance to forwarder on cargo handling, routing, billing, and other instructions.
  • Export Declarations – Required by governments to control exports and gather trade statistics.
  • Import/Export Permits – Required for restricted commodities. We assist in obtaining any needed permits.
  • Free Trade Agreements – Manage documentation like NAFTA and EUR1 certificates to prove eligibility for preferential duty rates.
  • Consular Documents – Certain goods may require consular invoices/visas from destination countries.

Our ocean freight experts prepare and manage all necessary documentation to create a smooth clearance and customs process. 

Additional Ocean Freight Services

  • Insurance – We can arrange comprehensive cargo insurance and assist with any claims handling.
  • Crating and Packaging – We offer professional packing and crating services to protect your goods in transit.
  • Cargo Tracking – Get up-to-date shipment locations and receive status alerts through our online portal.
  • Reporting – Provide shipment reports detailing key dates, milestones, customs entries, and other data.
  • Audits and Inspections – We can conduct pre-shipment inspections and assist with customs audits or examinations.
  • Consolidation – Consolidate multiple shipments into one FCL or use LCL options to reduce costs.
  • Documentation Services – We ensure all shipping docs like certificates of origin are prepared accurately and on time.
  • Warehousing – Use our secure storage facilities pre- and post-shipment near ports for inventory management.
  • Local Transportation – We arrange drayage, intermodal transport, or final delivery with our trucking network.
  • Customs Brokerage – Our licensed customs brokers clear shipments and resolve any customs delays or issues.

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