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Shipping cargo to or from Israel? Trust 7Continents- leading Israel freight forwarder – for reliable, cost-effective deliveries.
7C Logistics is your premier partner for cargo shipping to Israel. For over 10 years, we have provided reliable freight forwarding solutions to businesses shipping various types of cargo to Israel. Our extensive experience with the region’s customs policies, freight regulations, and required documentation allows us to expedite and streamline your cargo shipments to/from Israel. 

What we can do for you :

We offer comprehensive services for all your Israel-bound freight, including:

  • Air and ocean cargo shipping to all major ports in Israel like Haifa and Ashdod. We can arrange FCL, LCL, and air charter cargo shipping to fit your specific shipment needs.
  • Customs clearance assistance and cargo tracking from origin to final Israeli destination. We have established relationships with customs brokers to speed up the clearance process.
  • Door-to-door delivery solutions including first-mile pickup at your location and final-mile delivery in Israel via our trusted network of carriers.
  • Cargo insurance to protect your shipment. We can provide coverage and assistance in case of damages, delays, or loss.
  • Competitive pricing with some of the lowest rates available for shipping to Israel. We leverage volume discounts with leading carriers.
  • Expert assistance navigating Israel’s detailed import regulations and documentation requirements for a smooth shipping process.
  • Advice on the best ports, methods, and strategies to optimize transit times and costs based on your cargo type, volume, and timeline.

Trust 7C Logistics as your experience partner for seamless, stress-free cargo shipping to Israel. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Israel's Main International Airports- Gateways for Your Cargo

Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) – Israel’s largest and busiest airport located 15km southeast of Tel Aviv. It handled over 25 million passengers and over 300,000 tons of air cargo in 2021. Ben Gurion has three terminals, two runways, cold storage and animal handling facilities, and 24/7 cargo operations capable of wide-body aircraft like Boeing 747s.

Ramon airport - Iata code - ETM

Ramon International Airport (ETM) – Israel’s new southern airport located 18km north of Eilat. Opened in 2019, Ramon has a 3.6 million sq ft terminal and over 64,000 sq ft of cargo space. Its location makes it an efficient cargo hub connecting Asia and Europe. Ramon can accommodate large cargo planes including 747s and Antonov 124s.

The "Open Sky" Agreement

The Open Skies agreement is an air transport agreement between the United States and Israel that was signed in 2010.

Open Skies agreement liberalized air services between the US and Israel. It enabled airlines to provide more direct flights, lower prices, and improved connectivity – benefiting travelers, shippers, and aviation markets in both countries. The agreement continues to govern US-Israel aviation relations today therefore trust 7C Logistics to be your patner in shipping from Israel to US or shipping to Israel from US.

Israel Major Sea Ports Ashdod Port

The port of Ashdod is located on the Mediterranean coast, in the southern coastal plain of Israel.  A large part of the Import to Israel goes via Ashdod port especially consolidated containers but also full containers.

Haifa Port

The Port of Haifa has a natural deep-water harbor, which operates all year long, and serves both passenger and merchant ships. It is one of the largest ports in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of freight volume and handles about 30 million tons of cargo per year. The port employs over 1,000 people, rising to 5,000 when cruise ships dock in Haifa.  The Port of Haifa lies to the north of Haifa’s downtown quarter on the Mediterranean and stretches to some three kilometers along the city’s central shore with activities ranging from military, industrial, and commercial next to a nowadays-smaller passenger cruising facility.

Air & Sea Cargo Shipping to Israel – Important tips

Incoterms – The responsibility for arranging and paying for the cargo shipping and marine insurance of the freight, depends on the agreement between the shipper and the consignee. 

Incoterms are the possible agreed terms seller and buyer can choose of. common terms are Exworks, FOB, CIF & DAP (DDU).

Import customs clearance of cargo into Israel:

Import customs clearance of cargo is required by customs authorities in any destination country including Israel.  Your cargo agent and customs broker in Israel will ask for the following documents to initiate the import customs process of the cargo.

Documents typically asked, for the easy shipping process, and customs clearance procedures at destination:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • shipper’s export declaration
  • Origin declaration

Important data to provide to your cargo shipping agent

Bellow, you can find frequent questions you will be asked by the freight forwarder to get pricing and to start the shipping process:


  • What is your preferred choice for shipping; Shipped by air or by sea?
  • Is shipping for commercial or private purposes?
  • Please elaborate on the Dimensions and weight of the packages
  • Full pickup and delivery address including Zip code.
  • What is good value? (insurance purposes).
  • loading instructions? Crane? Forklift? Portage needed

7C Logistics solutions, Israeli freight forwarder, your cargo shipping to (or from) Israel partner.

As your customs agent in Israel, Our care and responsibilities while handling your imported cargo:

 First, we will need your POA (Power of attorney) authorization to handle your cargo with Israel customs authorities,

Then will handle the following:

  1. We will receive your cargo documents.
  • Commercial Invoice & Packing List
  • Certificate of origin (Or origin declaration on the invoice)
  • Shipping Letter of instructions

All documents are to be issued and signed by the exporter of the cargo.

  1. We will register your cargo with Israeli customs authorities and will arrange import custom procedures. (or export if needed)
  • Our Import Customs Clearance team will prepare documentation and formal registration as the transport vehicle approaches the port for the entrance of the container to the terminal.
  • As your freight forwarder, we will sure that all documents are in place as per the law of Israel.
  • All the legal and legislative permissions are double-checked by the freight forwarder so that the container gets through without facing any problem.
  1. We will book a pickup of your shipping from shipper premises and will make sure the truck arrives as planned to pick up point.
  • We will hire an insured and qualified trucking company for your valuable freight.
  • As your freight forwarder, we will ensure the packaging and shipping safety requirements.
  • We will ensure your cargo with Marine insurance if you ask us to.
  • We will provide you with proof of delivery of your goods to the air or sea export terminal.
  1. As your freight forwarder, we will book space for your shipping with AIR or Sea carrier (Booking with airline or shipping Line)
  • The freight forwarder makes sure that the booking confirmation is received.
  • We will watch over to confirm your cargos is loaded into the vessels
  • We will then issue the Bill of lading or air waybill as proof of your ownership of the goods.
  1. We track the shipment and alert our partners abroad. The goods are located at customs and delivered to their final destination
  • As your freight forwarder, we will track your shipping
  • We will send pre-alert with all shipping documents overseas to ensure our partners in the destination will prepare custom formalities in advance.
  • Our freight forwarder partner agent in the destination country will ensure the custom clearance and delivery of the cargo on time to meet the consignee’s schedules.

Door to door shipping coordination  is  including all customs regulations and coordination between the parties is what we will do for you as your appointed freight agent

While all these processes are going on at the back office, we will remain available to push information, updates, and explanations.

Contact us for cost-effective container shipping. we are offering reliable solutions and access to the largest shipping containers for a seamless cargo shipping experience.

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