International Shipping

Comprehensive services for commercial solutions from anywhere to everywhere

International Shipping

Comprehensive services for commercial solutions from anywhere to everywhere

International Shipping - With you by Air, Sea, and Land

Comprehensive service to exporters and importers. International shipping, customs brokerage, and logistics solutions in the supply chain. Specializing in international shipping for urgent, valuable deliveries, art deliveries, ecommerce, and urgent deliveries by air

The world is a small place after all

International Shipping Services We Provide:

7 Continents, Freight Forwarder is a partner in a global network of international shipping companies. The membership in this international forwarding agent network provides us with a global international infrastructure for the care of our customers all over the world – link to the X2 Elite website.

7 Continents specializes in several areas:

Domestic and international packaging, installation, and transportation of art. – Fine ART.
Handling urgent air shipments that require adherence to strict schedules and a very high level of follow-up.
Delivery of medical equipment and sensitive equipment of high value – including handling temporary deliveries to commercial exhibitions and art exhibitions, and issuance of a certificate – ATA Carnet, for demonstrations and treatment of technical equipment that leaves the country and returns.
Outsourcing consulting and handling for international shipping to high-tech companies.
Handling urgent courier and door-to-door deliveries between businesses.
Handling complex logistics projects include transporting factories and production lines, which requires the integration, management, and scheduling of various logistical factors such as trucks, cranes, professional packaging, container, and transportation teams.
International shipping handling for Amazon FBA front warehouses.
Consulting in the selection and assimilation of leading logistics warehouses in the world and in Israel.
Shipping insurance.
Responding to import permits and standards in importing to Israel.
Advice to exporters in preparing shipping paperwork.
Handling third-party shipments – Drop Shipments.

שליח בינלאומי

Why should you work with us in an international shipping service?

שירות שילוח בינלאומי

Reliable, quality service

Our guiding values are: transparency, reliability, creativity, and significant added value for our clients. We view honesty as good business practice and are committed to treating our clients in a fair, candid, and reliable way.

פתרונות שילוח בינלאומי

Optimal Solutions

We promise to provide consistent and reliable service that includes a broad spectrum of shipping and logistical solutions tailor-made for the needs and requirements of each client.

שילוח בינלאומי מקצועי


At your service is a team of experts with decades of experience in international air and sea shipping. l with a collective experience of decades in the field of air and sea freight transport.

שירות בינלאומי מהיר

Availability and speed

As a boutique company, we are committed to providing our clients with the fastest service and maximum availability. When our clients turn to us, we understand that time is of the essence and ensure a quick, effective response to every situation

Our Clients


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