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Do you have an international freight to ship? And you are looking for Freight Forwarding Companies? Are you a freight owner in need to transport your products or raw materials, internationally? This article’s purpose is to elaborate on some of the professional shipping terms and explain how your goods are been shipped internationally. We will explain here, what would be the right questions to ask your freight forwarder and how to choose a good shipping company, one to fit your specific needs during the shipping process
A well-established shipping company will have a strong global network of forwarding affiliates around the globe, to ensure the shipment will be treated correctly in destination country. Experienced freight forwarders have encountered many problems along the way, and are able to effectively deal with any issues which may arise while the goods are being transported.

Forwarding companies provide Coordination services for cargo transportation. They deal with  Shipping Lines, Air Lines, truckers and with

Terminals, port authorities, customs authorities. To have the entire process work smoothly

What is Freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is an occupation been carried by certified shipping professionals companies, who are working in forwarding companies. These companies are coordinating and managing the global air, sea, and land international traffic.

All international shipments have been coordinated by freight professionals who operate in conduct with the official import and export laws and regulations in their country. Freight forwarders are authorized by the authorities in their country.

Freight forwarders will normally use more than one transportation mode during a door to door shipment, contracting with few carriers like airlines and truck owners.

Shipping Tips for Exporters and Importers while conducting their shipments Dimensions & weight of the packages

The dimensions and weight of the packages will influence the shipping prices. Small parcels are likely to be shipped by courier express or by air mail services while shipments that are larger ( more the 1 cm) will most likely go by sea freight unless the cargo is of high value or urgent. Be aware, freight companies and shipping professionals always measure the dimensions in the following order.

 Length x Width x Height – In centimeters or Inches. This formula provides the total volume of the goods.

Hs code classification

HS code stands for Harmonized system. This is the custom classification number for each and every material and product on earth.  this code is numeric and classified according to product functions and goods material specifications.

According to these international agreed codes,   custom authorities will point out how tax percentage on goods value which implemented on the imported goods, as well as, if any License permit or import regulations are implemented upon these imported products.


Are there any specific packing requirements? Does a wooden box is needed to protect your cargo during its international journey? Will your package ensure the required temperature control? to get shipping rates packages weight is also an important factor just like the dimensions.

Loading instructions & Unloading Instructions

Crane? Forklift? Porterage needed? Same for a destination for Off Loading.


Full pick up and delivery addresses  including Zip code are always very helpful and even a must many times to get rate offer for shipment 

Dangerous goods or temperature control

Are there any dangerous goods in the shipment? If yes need to provide MSDS – Material Safty Data Sheet

Marine Insurance for cargo shipping:

Goods value for marine insurance purposes.

A freight forwarding insurance policy is designed to comprehensively cover all aspects, helping to minimize any risks during the operation and industry. The following parties are covered in the freight forwarding insurance policy:

Document Clearance:

Freight forwarding comes with a lot of (digital) paperwork, especially when shipping overseas. A freight forwarder company will help with the preparation and guidance for all of the relevant documents and declarations.

Temporary or definitive:

The set of  documents accompanying international shipments:

  • Commercial invoice – Which is maybe the most important document for international shipment. The Commercial Invoice contains a declaration of the shipper (exporter) about what is the commodity, its value, payment terms between seller and buyer. Incoterms, Serial numbers, the purpose of shipping, temporary or definitive customs status. customs authorities in importing country

Packing list – packing list is accompanying

  • Shippers export declaration
  • Export license
  • Bill of Lading
  • Origin statement
  • Inspection certificate

It’s essential that all of these documents are provided in order to ensure that your merchandise reached the customer safely, without any issues arising.

What services do Freight Forwarding Companies Provide?

Freight forwarding companies will assist and facilitate the shipment of goods to their destinations by air sea and land. International businesses who sell their products overseas, use freight forwarding companies in order to internationally transport their goods to other countries effectively, here are some of the services provided by freight forwarding company.

  • Customs Brokers
  • Freight And Logistics Operator
  • Warehouse storage
  • Documentation of the import/export process
  • Handling of hazardous products
  • Marine Insurance
  • Packaging
  • Complete SCS solution
  • Haulage
  • Projects with special logistics equipment – Like special containers, Cranes, Dismantling crews.

What are the charges levied to an international shipment?

  • Cargo pick up
  • Ocean/air freight charges
  • Customs clearance at origin & destination
  • Terminal charges at origin & destination
  • Cargo drop off
  • Cargo insurance
  • Packaging
  • Port charges and Storage
  • Delivery order
  • Detention, Demurrage
  • Security Scanning and Physical security and customs exams.
  • Insurance.

Freight Forwarding working Network:

Freight Forwarding working Network:

Freight forwarding and logistics companies, handle, movement of commodities. Every freight forwarder has partners overseas, his agents whom he will affiliate companies (Freight forwarding agents) around the globe. These partners overseas are taking care of the cargo exported to them from origin country.

Networks affiliating Freight forwarding companies  

 Small to Medium freight forwarders will affiliate through forwarding networks been operated by private companies that provide services mainly to cargo forwarding agents.

Freight Forwarding companies in Israel

If you are about to send a shipment,

If you look for an international freight forwarder, and customs clearing agent,

7C logistics solutions LTD, Israeli freight forwarding company,  will provide

 Dedicated and professional comprehensive shipping solutions tailored exactly to your needs

7c Logistics solution is a trusted international freight forwarder and custom clearing agent In Israel,

Offering transportation of cargo by air & sea,

 customs clearing services for all categories of freight, inland transportation, to and from the ports, warehousing of cargo in bonded & free warehouses, packaging.

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