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Company Profile

7C Logistics solutions (7continents) was founded in 2008.
to provide international freight forwarding services, focusing on a number of main areas of specialization

  • International commercial shipping – Air, Sea, and Land.
  • Expertise in high-value shipments that require accuracy and adherence to strict schedules.
  • International shipping of Fine Art.
  • Exhibitions, events, and conferences logistics handling.
  • Consulting and management of global logistics projects.
  • Express and critical air freight.
  • A variety of packaging, storage, and land transportation services.
  • Handling third-party shipments by Air and by Sea.
  • Customs brokerage and advice on standardization and import licenses

Company Vision

7 Continents works consistently, in order to provide its customers with the opportunity to focus on developing their organization, knowing that on the logistical side they will find a strong and responsible back, who will work steadily and resolutely to ensure the transfer of their important cargo entrusted to it.

Customer service and personal treatment:

We are aware that inside the containers, pallets, and crates we ship. There are products, developed by our customers. We are committed to assisting our customers with all the means and connections available to us and with the help of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated during the treatment of thousands of shipments throughout the company’s existence. We will work tirelessly, in order to achieve the best results in the best times.

7 Continents always strives for professional excellence and continuous improvement. This is in addition to providing a personal, professional, and reliable service, which combines and reflects the character of the owner and staff.

Our values

·         Excellence.

·         Teamwork and collaboration.

·         Contributing to others and adding value to the environment.

·         Bright face and excellent interpersonal skills.

·         Empowerment of staff, customers and suppliers.

·         Integrity, reliability, fairness and transparency.

·         creativity.

·         Dedication and devotion to purpose

Office Staff

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Our Customers


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