Relocation And Shipping
To And From Israel

Relocation and shipping
to and from Israel - Tips

  • Handle all customs clearance paperwork for seamless imports/exports
  • Provide door-to-door service – we pick up and deliver directly at your home/office
  • Use state-of-the-art packing materials and techniques to protect your belongings
  • Offer specialized packaging and handling for fragile items like antiques, electronics
  • Arrange trusted storage solutions if needed before and after shipping
  • Coordinate all transportation legs – road, sea and air freight options available
  • Track shipments in real time with latest technology so you always know where items are
  • Accommodate personal effects, household goods, vehicles, pets and more
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations so your shipment clears customs quickly
  • Provide full-service support or customizable assistance based on your needs
  • Assist with setting up utilities, bank accounts and other aspects of your relocation

Trust 7C as your partner for a smooth, stress-free move to or from Israel. Our experience makes international relocation easy. Efficient and reliable international movers and packers, ensuring a seamless relocation experience for your belongings worldwide.

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International Relocation Checklist

  • Research import regulations, duties, taxes for destination country
  • Obtain detailed inventory with descriptions and values
  • Solicit quotes from international shipping companies
  • Select shipping method(s) – air freight, sea freight, road depending on timeline, budget
  • Choose mover and finalize timelines for pickup, transit, delivery
  • Determine packing requirements – specifications provided by mover
  • Arrange extra protection like crating for fragile/delicate items
  • Oversee packing, labeling and loading of items by movers
  • Complete detailed customs forms and paperwork
  • Insure shipment to protect value of goods in transit
  • Track shipment status throughout journey
  • Confirm clearance of customs at destination port
  • Verify delivery date and address for unloading of items
  • Arrange any special equipment like crane or liftgate in advance
  • Inspect all goods for damage upon delivery before signing
  • Keep relevant shipping documents for customs and claims if needed
  • File claims immediately if any loss or damage noted

Let me know if you need any assistance with managing logistics!

relocation to Israel the easy way


  • Use sturdy boxes in good condition and appropriate for item weight
  • Wrap fragile items individually in bubble wrap or paper. Use ample padding.
  • Fill extra space in boxes with crumpled paper or packing peanuts to avoid shifting.
  • Tape boxes securely shut on all seams and edges using reinforced packing tape.
  • Clearly label box contents on all sides. Number boxes and keep inventory list.
  • Pack heavier items like books and cans in small boxes for easier lifting.
  • Use suitcases or containers with wheels for easy transport of loose items.
  • Wrap furniture in furniture pads or moving blankets to prevent scratches.
  • Use mattress bags for clean transport and to compress size.
  • Disassemble items like desks and shelves where possible for compact stacking.
  • Pack essential tools and supplies in a separate box to be available right away.
  • Keep documents, valuables like jewelry in a carry-on bag, not with household items.
  • Check with movers about any shipment size, weight restrictions or prohibited items.
  • Take pictures of electronics connections before disconnecting to easily reassemble.


Purchasing cargo insurance can be wise when relocating households overseas. Despite careful packing, accidents can occur during transit – containers falling overboard, damage from improper handling, etc. While an added expense, insurance costs significantly less than replacing belongings if lost or damaged.

Upon arrival at destination, inspect all boxes and inventory goods when possible. If unavailable, provide customs officials a letter authorizing a trusted person to retrieve your shipment. Having an accountable party verify contents upon delivery is optimal, ensuring possessions arrive intact and properly accounted for. Don’t leave it to chance – protect your belongings with cargo insurance and arrival inspection.

For specialized relocation services to or from Israel, trust 7C’s Logistics Solutions LTD. As an established, reputable freight forwarder, we provide standard and customizable solutions for your household or commercial cargo. Our experienced team manages your shipment with full accountability and keeps you informed through real-time tracking. We understand relocating is stressful – that’s why clear communication and building trusted relationships are core to our service. With 7C Logistics as your partner, you can be confident your cargo is in good hands.

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