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Relocation and shipping
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Relocation, moving abroad, is a project whose success depends on good planning and professional execution, along with mental preparation and adaptation to a new environment and culture.

To help you prepare for the relocation to Israel on the shipping side, we have compiled a list of tips, ideas, and points to think about regarding logistics and international shipping of home contents.
We will start by opening a folder on the computer to manage the transition, and gather all the information and tasks along the way. Proper organization of the information will give you a sense of control and the ability to compare and organize well.

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International Relocation Checklist

  • Make sure you have the required immigration permits for the destination country. Citizenship, student visa, work visa, or any document that will allow the import of the goods in your name to the country to which you are moving.
  • It is important to know that in the destination country you are moving to, when you want to bring your furniture and belongings through customs, you will be required to be registered under official status. If not, send the contents of the apartment and personal belongings to a relative, friend, or any other entity registered in the destination country.
  • Do you already have the exact address where you will live? If so, make sure exactly what the access routes are, whether there is an elevator, how to put things in, whether the openings are suitable, specific parking permits are sometimes required to lower a container to the floor, and sometimes a crane is required because it is a high floor.
  • f you do not yet have a final address, you may be required for short-term storage. Check where it is best to store. In the country of origin or the country to which you are moving. International shipping companies know how to provide this answer on both sides.
  • Try to understand what objects are really important to you to carry with you. And more importantly whatnot.
  • Sometimes there is a tendency to want to move everything, this can be a costly mistake. Think of it as an opportunity to do order and cleanliness and give up objects that just take up space and accumulate dust.
  • Perform, to the best of your ability, a volume estimate of all the objects you want to move with certainty.
  • There are calculators that help to understand what the volume of furniture and cardboard is.
  • Define for yourself the urgency and the form of the shipment – sea or air.
  • It is important to emphasize that the packaging team that will come to you on the designated day, will work quickly. Be prepared for it – the team will ask for instructions and you should know in advance what you want.
  • Try to figure out if you need your entire container or you can participate in a cargo-sharing consolidation. (Relevant for delivery of up to 15 cubic meters approximately).
  • Try to understand the maximum real budget you have to allocate for the logistical transition.
  • Set yourself realistic values ​​for each item in favor of international shipping insurance.
  • When you contact an international forwarder do preparatory work and come up with as clear data as possible.
  • You can ask the shipping company to come and perform a volume and cost assessment accordingly of course.

Make a list of things that pass for sure, objects that are not safe, and what is sure not to pass

Relocation packaging.

relocation to Israel the easy way


  • We always emphasize to our customers that we are accompanying them in the relocation process, that proper and orderly packaging of the items and furniture is critical to the success of the shipment. The packaging for delivery must be done in the correct order and with careful planning while registering and cataloging the furniture and objects being transported.
  • Sorting the objects and the contents of the house
  • The packaging can be divided into departments such as kitchen, electrical and electronic products, clothing and bedding, games and books, electronics. You should plan what you will take with you on the flight. It is recommended to take valuables and particularly sensitive and fragile items in your luggage. It is recommended that you pack yourself in cartons what you can and leave it to the professionals to take care of the sensitive equipment like china and crystal systems, framed pictures, and fragile items.
  • Packing an apartment for international relocation is different from a packing process for moving an apartment within the country since the shipment has to go through an international journey with transit stations at the ports and cargo terminals. It is therefore important that a professional and skilled packaging team for international shipping will build the pallets and contain the sensitive items into wooden crates.

The packing team arriving on the designated day will want clear instructions. It is important that you are organized in advance and know how to guide the team.

Keys to a logistically successful relocation transition

  • Good sorting
  • Proper packaging
  • Down to details
  • Proper selection of the international shipping provider


Having cargo insurance for household relocation can be a good idea because containers can fall off the ship, can be damaged on the way or even ships can run aground.

Insurance may at first seem like a large sum of expense to spend but instead of bearing damage on your own or buying new household items for the lost ones can cost much cheaper.


In the best-case scenario, if you are in the destination country, you can receive your belongings and check for every carrier box to be present. If that isn’t possible, a family member or close friend can also pick up your belongings but with a letter addressed to the customs officer written by you that gives your friend or family member to receive your goods.

Choosing the right freight forwarder for your relocation to or from Israel

In order to relocate the household goods, we recommend hiring the right freight forwarding agency that specializes in relocation and assists and informs you about the details of the shipment.

You need to communicate with your freight forwarder and let them know your requirements for the transport as well as the documentation for the household goods.


This article will give you a detailed description of relocating (household goods) and shipping in general and specifically to and from Israel. This information will help you find a freight forwarding company that fits your specific needs.

There are a number of challenges that one can face when relocating household goods.

  • Avoiding household goods breakage or damage
  • Avoiding fraudulent freight forwarding agencies
  • Relocation documentation


Household relocation to or from Israel

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