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International shipping to exhibitions, conferences and events around the world

International shipping for exhibitions and conferences requires expertise and experience that does not exist among all international shipping companies. This is a niche that requires a lot of expertise and experience. Shipping to exhibitions is not the same as regular commercial shipping. Proper management of the customs and international shipping aspects is crucial. Arrival at the appropriate timing of the equipment. When packaged correctly, transported correctly, and arrive on time at their destination after all the bureaucratic procedures of high importance customs.

Events such as professional exhibitions and conferences and cultural and sporting events are attended by visitors and spectators from all over the world. Are in high profile. The attention of the media and the public is directed towards them. In such huge productions, the level of grammar and attention to detail is critical.                     

The rigid schedules dictate the way of handling international shipping and logistics of international productions. This system will always have a hard deadline of times around which the entire production gathers.

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Temporary shipments - ATA Carnet

Deliveries that go to exhibitions and events are usually sent temporarily, that is, intended to return to the country of origin in the first place. Therefore, the customs procedure for importing to the destination country should be one that allows the shipment to enter without paying import taxes, knowing that it is not regularly imported to the country where the event takes place.

The customs status of the shipment is one of the most important issues (along with packaging and scheduling) when it comes to international transportation of shipments to exhibitions and events around the world. The premise is that every country is interested in levying import taxes on shipments imported into it.

There are several ways to release a temporary shipment in the destination country. One of the common and well-known ways is the use of a radiation certificate.

Screening is an international treaty of cooperation between countries in everything related to shipments with temporary tariff status. A projection certificate allows the shipment to receive customs clearance and enter the importing country without being required to pay taxes.

The screening is issued by the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce in the screening department in exchange for a deposit of 30 percent of the shipping value. The shipment must return to Israel within another year and the deposit will be forfeited.

In exhibitions, companies spend between tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars per exhibition. Sometimes the whole annual strategy of a large company can depend on the show. Such as the DRUPA exhibition in Düsseldorf of the printing industry that takes place once every four years in Düsseldorf. Giant companies are preparing for this exhibition to showcase their latest developments.

We have compiled for you a list of issues that need to be addressed when you come to plan the logistical side of shipping and logistics. Exporting from Israel, importing to it, and moving between countries around the world.

Checklist for logistics and international shipping for exhibitions

 This list refers to the example of commercial exhibitions but the points shown are also generally relevant to temporary productions and projects. That goes out and return or continue to other countries.

Packaging – We always emphasize and repeat above each stage. Good packaging is the key to success. Imagine that you have invested time, energy, resources. You flew crews, you paid hundreds of thousands of shekels. All this, to find out that your delivery to the exhibition that you have been waiting for months and built your entire marketing and sales strategy on, came damaged and you are facing a broken trough… Proper packaging will reduce the risk of such a situation by tens of percent. In addition .. a shipment that is not packaged properly will not receive compensation from the insurance company, even if you paid a premium.

Customs status of the shipment – together with packaging, this is a very important issue that will affect the way it works. A shipment that needs to return to Israel at the end of the event needs different treatment from a shipment left abroad. The customs status will affect the choice of the type of shipment abroad, the route planning, and the total budget of the shipment. So always try to define for yourself and the sender, what comes back, what is left, and what is not yet known.

 – The more you give us, the shipping agents who specialize in exhibitions and temporary shipping, the more background and context details, the more accurate the logistics of the project will be.

Here are some questions that need to be answered before shipping internationally.

  • Does the shipment go on sale, or does it go on display and return?
  • Do you go to a commercial exhibition, a gallery, a demonstration, a TV production, or a cultural and sports event?
  • Who is the importer on the other side, is he aware that he will have to pay import VAT and offset it?
  • What are the time frames?
  • What is the value of the goods sent abroad?
  • Do you need insurance, then for what value?
  • Where is the cargo unloaded?
  • Is storage required?

Means of unloading and loading – In the destination country there is a shipping agent who will take care of releasing the shipment from customs and transporting it to the site, the same international shipper and customs broker at the destination will need to receive clear instructions regarding required unloading means. He will need to get an exact address, contacts who are aware of the arrival of the shipment. If a crane, forklift, or workers are needed. All these details should be taken into account in advance.

Scheduling the entrance to the pavilion – At trade shows in Europe, the US, and around the world, there is usually an international shipping and customs brokerage company that has received a franchise from the exhibition organizers and producers (sometimes several companies). Therefore, the equipment is moved to the warehouses of those franchisees and they receive an instruction from the shipper, who represents the exhibitor on what date the luggage should be brought into the pavilion.

Emptying empty packages and returning them at the end of the exhibition – Since the exhibition space of the pavilion in exhibitions is very expensive and limited, wooden crates and dedicated packaging that are not essential to the exhibitor during the exhibition will be emptied to warehouses before the exhibition and returned immediately after the exhibition. Back to their country.

Complementary logistics services for the time of the event – in deliveries to exhibitions and events, where there are licensed logistics franchisees within the exhibition gates. It is important to try to think and plan in advance as the costs within the exhibition gates are tens and hundreds of percent higher. For example, cleaning services, installation, lighting, electricity, workers, flight attendants, etc.

Insurance of the works – Insurance of temporary deliveries is derived as a percentage of the value of the work and the period of stay abroad. In case of a claim for damage, especially at high values, the insurance company will want to make sure that the shipment is indeed packaged in a way that matches the value of the shipment, and also the insurance company will want to get proof of the real value of the piece

Deliveries with temporary customs status, usually go to trade shows, art exhibitions, demonstrations of equipment, to loans and productions to which technical equipment goes out and returns.

  • Commercial exhibitions and art exhibitions
  • Demos Abroad – Demo
  • Professional equipment, photography equipment
  • Machines and equipment for rent
  • Scenery

Working in front of a large number of interfaces and the perfect timing make these logistics projects of logistics specialization and extensive experience in logistics, packaging, storage, and placement, these aspects are crucial in the arrival of valuable works of art or huge pavilions for important international exhibitions.

If you are planning to go to a conference or exhibition, we recommend that you contact us as early as possible in order to plan the project in the best way from the beginning.


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