Fine Art And Exhibition Shipping

Global Transportation Services for Exhibitions, Conferences and Events

Transporting fine art requires meticulous care, expertise, and responsibility at every step. Our white-glove fine art logistics services are custom-tailored to safely handle your most valuable masterpieces and irreplaceable cultural artifacts.

7Continents’ fine art logistics services:

  • Climate-Controlled Transportation – Temperature and humidity controlled trucks and storage facilities ensure artwork integrity.
  • Customized Packing and Crating – Specialized packing and crating by expert art handlers protects artworks.
  • White Glove Handling – Our trained staff carefully handles fine art using museological techniques.
  • Door-to-Door Global Delivery – We offer safe, secure end-to-end transport of your most valuable pieces.
  • Museum-Grade Facilities – Our storage facilities provide museum-level security, climate control, and care.
  • Exhibition and Collection Transport – We safely transport pieces for exhibitions, auctions, galleries, etc.
  • Art Storage and Conservation – Protect your collection between exhibitions with our storage and conservation services.
  • Exceptional Insurance Coverage – We provide tailored, high-value coverage for full peace of mind.
  • Renowned Clientele – Our experience includes top museums, galleries, collectors and artists globally.
  • Customized Art Logistics – We tailor our services to safely meet your specialized fine art needs.


Trust the experts at 7Continents to provide exceptional care and handling for your most precious cargo. Contact us today to learn more about our fine art logistics services

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Hassle-Free Temporary Import/Export with ATA Carnet

Need to temporarily move goods across borders for trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, or professional equipment?

Utilize our ATA Carnet services for smooth temporary imports and exports. ATA Carnet acts as a “passport for goods” enabling duty-free, tax-free temporary trade show or exhibition shipments. We oversee the Carnet application process and required booklet per shipment. Our experts then coordinate the seamless international transport, clearance, and re-exportation of your goods using the Carnet documentation. With temporary import/export to over 80 countries covered by Carnet agreement, we make exhibiting or traveling with valuable merchandise abroad secure and compliant. Trust us as your advisors for temporary trade show and exhibition shipping with ATA Carnet.

Optimize your logistics strategy with our comprehensive custom clearance support, providing a reliable solution for your cross-border shipping needs.

Important Aspects to consider in International shipping for Exhibitions

Expert Packaging for Peak Protection

Proper packaging is critical to ensure your invaluable exhibition materials arrive intact. Our end-to-end packing services prevent damage and loss using specialized crating and cushioning tailored for safe transport. By partnering with us for packaging, you avoid disappointment from broken, damaged goods after months spent planning your event participation and marketing strategy around it. We take packaging seriously at every stage because quality materials and packing techniques drastically reduce risks while being key to obtaining full insurance compensation. Trust us for custom packaging that safeguards your exhibits and gives you peace of mind for a successful exhibition.

Critical Customs Considerations

The customs status of your exhibition goods is a key factor in our shipment planning. Materials returning to Israel post-event require different handling than items remaining abroad.  This customs status insight allows us to select optimal routing, shipment types, and estimate accurate budgets. Shipments imported temporarily need proper re-export procedures, while goods left overseas may necessitate permanent import/export processes. By proactively addressing customs status, we develop the most efficient exhibition shipping strategy from start to finish while ensuring full compliance. Our experts seamlessly navigate customs requirements worldwide.


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