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With boutique-style service, 7 Continents specializes in providing customers with tailored packaging and comprehensive shipping solutions including packaging, international transportation, freight, customs brokerage, and more – all from one experienced team.

With decades of experience shipping globally, we provides best-in-class packaging and secure climate-controlled storage solutions to ensure your goods are protected in transit both domestically and to destinations worldwide. 

             Make your Packaging and Shipping easy and hassle free with 7c Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Customs broker services

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Marine Insurance

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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

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Packaging and Storage Services

7 Continents provides end-to-end business relocation solutions to ensure seamless transfers of offices, factories, or production lines domestically or internationally. For companies needing to move sensitive equipment and operations without disruption, we handle every aspect from customized packaging to coordinated logistics and transportation.

With our specialized packaging options including wooden and aluminum crates, we ensure fragile and high-value equipment is protected. Our experienced team manages the details – securing any necessary licenses and permits, arranging specialized loading/unloading, and overseeing the packing, shipping, and secure transfer.

Whether your relocation is local or overseas, we focus on minimizing downtime so you can concentrate on daily operations with peace of mind. With thorough planning and execution, we enable quick, efficient transfers to new facilities while avoiding unexpected costs or delays. Trust 7 Continents as your single point of contact for a smooth business transition.

packaging and storage to israel

International shipping, packaging and storage

Proper packaging is essential for shipments to arrive safely at their destination. Careful packing of each item impacts the chances of luggage surviving international transport intact.

With multiple loading/unloading stops before final delivery, robust packaging is key. Whether by sea, air or land, international shipments benefit greatly from packaging that protects contents through all legs of the journey. Investing in quality materials and packing techniques significantly improves the likelihood of cargo arriving without damage.

We at 7 Continents specialize in fitting the right packaging for each shipment considering all the parameters.

Essential Packing Tips: Safeguard Your Shipment From Origin to Destination

  • Assess the fragility and vulnerability of the contents. Delicate or breakable items require more protective packing.
  • Consider weight distribution. Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Cushion contents properly with packing materials like bubble wrap, foam, paper padding etc. to absorb shocks.
  • Use strong, sturdy boxes and containers suitable for the item size and weight.
  • Tape boxes securely closed on all seams and edges. Use reinforced tape for heavier boxes.
  • Label boxes clearly with contents, fragile warnings, shipping address etc.
  • Place identifying info inside boxes too in case exterior labels are lost.
  • Stack boxes neatly and securely on pallet if shipping larger volumes.
  • Consult shipping guidelines for any size, weight, labeling requirements.
  • Look into special handling like climate control if shipping temperature sensitive goods.
  • Take out insurance for high value or irreplaceable items in case of loss/damage.

The goal is to minimize any shifting, shocks, drops, or vibration that can occur during handling and transport through careful, robust packing.

packaging and storage from israel

Storage services

  • Secure, climate-controlled storage facilities to protect your valuable inventory
  • Flexible space options – we can accommodate projects of any size
  • Advanced inventory tracking and management using barcode scanning tech
  • Highly experienced staff familiar with proper storage methods for all types of goods
  • Strategic locations near major transportation hubs for seamless distribution
  • Customized storage solutions tailored to your specific business needs
  • Competitive rates and contract options including short and long-term storage
  • Round-the-clock monitored security and access control for total peace of mind
  • Insurance coverage available to protect goods value in the rare case of damage/loss
  • Seamless integration with our shipping and fulfillment services
  • Simplify your supply chain with our comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions


Trust 7C Logistics for secure, managed storage that protects and optimizes your inventory. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs.

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