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As ecommerce accelerates and consumer delivery expectations shorten, rely on 7Continents a licensed customs broker with proven airfreight expertise to rapidly fulfill orders to/from Israel. Our global air carrier partnerships provide the flexibility and capacity to swiftly meet your fluctuating shipment volumes. With real-time tracking and priority handling, we enable you to meet compressed order-to-delivery deadlines, even during peak sales events. 

שילוח אווירי

Airfreight services

For urgent shipments or smaller cargo requiring air transportation, rely on 7Continents for reliable airfreight services worldwide. Our extensive contracts with major passenger airlines and dedicated cargo carriers ensure we can meet your timeline needs with the fastest direct flights to your destination. We provide door-to-door airfreight solutions, overseeing the complete process from pickup to final delivery. Our airfreight experts will advise on optimizing costs through consolidation while maintaining security and compliance every step of the way. With real-time shipment tracking and status updates, we keep you informed throughout the air transit.

Express Next-day shipping services

  • Time-Sensitive Shipments – We specialize in expedited door-to-door delivery of your most urgent packages and cargo.
  • Next Flight Out – Our extensive airline network ensures we can book the next available flight for true next day delivery.
  • Point to Point Transit – We utilize direct routing to minimize stops and optimize on-time performance.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Get up-to-the-minute shipment visibility and status updates throughout the express journey.
  • Special Handling – High priority handling at every point, including priority clearance through customs inspections.
  • Safety and Security – Our express network is secure and follows strict procedures to maintain chain of custody.
  • Global Reach – With worldwide airline and ground courier partners, we reach major cities globally.

Trust our dedicated express shipping team for your highest priority same day and next day delivery needs, anytime, anywhere. We never compromise on urgent delivery.

Examples of urgent express shipments required for air transportation:

  • Aircraft Parts – When a plane is grounded and needs a replacement part ASAP, aerospace companies will ship the critical spare by next flight out.
  • Production Line Disruption – If a manufacturing line goes down waiting for an essential component, airfreight can get the part there in hours/days to minimize downtime.
  • Prototype Delivery – Engineers may need to urgently transport prototypes overnight for demonstration at trade shows and events.
  • Contract Documents – Law firms could need to deliver time-sensitive contracts or documents to close a deal the next day.
  • Court Submissions – Certain filings or evidence for trials may require rapid overnight air transport to meet court deadlines.
  • Release Delays – Entertainment products like movies, music, and video games often ship via air when release dates get delayed to still launch in time.
  • Exhibition Materials – Shipment of products, graphics, media for trade show exhibitions that have imminent deadlines.

Overview of the typical Airfreight shipment process

  1. Shipment Booking – We assess details like cargo, timeline, airports, and special handling to book optimal air routing and carrier.
  2. Export Customs Clearance – We arrange any required security filings, screenings, inspections to clear export customs at origin.
  3. Cargo Pickup – Cargo is picked up from shipper’s location and transported to the origin airport.
  4. Cargo Processing – At the origin airport, cargo is documented, screened, and prepared for flight.
  5. Flight Loading – Airfreight is loaded onto the booked passenger or freighter aircraft.
  6. In-transit Monitoring – Real-time tracking and monitoring of the air shipment while in the air.
  7. Flight Unloading – Cargo is unloaded at destination airport.
  8. Import Customs Clearance – We facilitate customs entry, clearance, and release of the cargo upon arrival.
  9. Cargo Pickup – Cargo is transported from airport to consignee address for final delivery.
  10. Confirm Delivery – Obtain proof of delivery confirmation and share documentation with shipper.

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